I started on the piano at age 3, then violin from 4, and gave my first performance at age 5! I have loved the violin – and music – ever since. My sister is a pianist and we played together every day during childhood. I started orchestral playing at 18 at university which led me into a professional orchestral life after graduating.

I have studied myself with some of the leading violinist including Professor Remus Azoitei (Royal Academy of Music), Ruth Rogers in London, Klaus Maetlz (Alban Berg Quartet) in Austria, Graham Jennings (ex-Arditti Quartet) in Australia, and Professor Tomotada Soh (Royal Academy of Music).

Outside of music I love to travel in Europe to follow my other passions for food and architecture, history and art! And to walk and drive through the beautiful English countryside...

Yuko Violinist Oxford
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